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** Information on Parole Violations and Waivers **

Please note that three different search functions are below.  They are not meant to be used together (for example, entering a name in the first section and dates in the bottom section does NOT provide users with information for a specific individual within a specified date range).

Users should choose one of the search functions based on their needs.  The following are brief descriptions of each search type:

  • Search by Name:  will search for public records maintained by the Board using an individual’s name to conduct the search
  • Search by Offender Number:  will search for public records maintained by the Board using a specific Offender Number (an offender identification number that some users may have)
  • Search by Date Range:  this is NOT a search for individual offenders – which is different from the other two searches.  Using date ranges, users can search for upcoming hearings to be conducted by the Board or optionally searching for decisions made by the Board between the date range entered.

 If you are having difficulties finding the information you need on this search page or if you would like additional assistance, please call us at 801-261-6464 or email us at bopinfo@utah.gov. Thank you.

Search by Name

* First and Last Name are required

Search by Offender Number

Search by Date Range (note this is not to be used in conjunction with the searches above)

From Date To Date
  • Searching by date produces a list of all upcoming hearings or posted decisions within the date range
  • The date range for each search is limited to seven calendar days
  • The “From Date” cannot be before today’s date for upcoming hearings
  • The “From Date” cannot be before January 1, 2010 for past decisions
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