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Records - or GRAMA - Request Form

Please complete the form below and Send it when completed.  Note that required fields are noted with a red asterisk.


The information on this form is essential.  If information is incomplete, there may be delays in response in order to ensure the proper records are provided.

Also, if the request includes extensive timeframe and individuals – or if individual records require redaction, the may be costs involved that may require payment prior to the Board’s work on the records.

In some instances, the records requested may be denied.  If a record is appropriate classified as private, protected or controlled, the request may be denied and rationale provided.  If the request includes information that could jeopardize the safe and secure operation of correctional facilities, they also my be denied and rationale provided.

Finally, if the request for records is exceedingly large or complicated, the Board may request an extension to provide needed time to find and work on redacting as needed.

If you prefer, please feel free to download a PDF version of the Board’s GRAMA Request Form – just click here.  The form will need to be completed and mailed to the Board.

Requestor Information

Records Request

Pursuant to the Utah Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA), I am requesting a copy of the following records. Please be specific in describing the record you are seeking.

With as much detail as possible, including information about the approximate month and year you believe the requested record was received or created by the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole. Provide a date range if you are seeking records over a period of time. Providing a name and offender number can be helpful if you are seeking a record(s) related to a specific individual.

Requestor's Authority to Receive the Record

Fee Waiver

I hereby request that these records be provided without charge based upon Utah Code Annotated 63G-2-203(4)(c). Mark all that apply and explain how you meet the criteria and attach documentation as needed to support your claim.
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